How to help customers choose jewelry for a loved one


How to help customers choose jewelry for a loved one

These tips will help sales reps to guide shoppers along their buying journey.

A jewelry sales associate’s job is rarely easy. When a customer approaches the jewelry showcase, it marks the beginning of a discussion that could lead to a sale. Shoppers might need more information about pieces and they may be looking to buy something for a loved one or friend. These tips will help sales reps guide shoppers along their buying journey.




Impressive necklace designs you must get your hands on!


Impressive Necklace Designs You Must Get Your Hands-On

If you are thinking of buying necklaces to enhance your look, then the necklace design list given below might be helpful for you. 

Let jewelry shine in fashionable displays


Let jewelry shine in fashionable displays

Jewelry is always a hot holiday item, and retailers of fine accessories can dress their shops for success with these ideas for tasteful store displays:

Standing features for longer pieces

Elongated display fixtures provide the perfect backdrop for stranded necklaces and pendants. For a realistic approach, select standing bust forms, which are available in neutral shades of black and white to accentuate the jewelry’s tone and features. The forms are also available in a variety of textures, such as luxurious black velvet, crisp white leatherette, professional brushed charcoal or an all-natural cork jewelry board. For a more avant-garde appeal, consider a standing necklace or chain easel, or a combination piece that pair earrings with a necklace.

Combination fixtures for bracelets

Bracelets and rings can be exhibited with traditional cases, which gently and securely cushion the jewelry, either individually or in multi-item display fixtures such as bracelet bars. Similar to necklaces, accessories for the wrist and fingers can also be showcased on sleek realistic models like wooden hands or polystyrene venus hands in black or white. Acrylic accents allow the jewelry to shine with clear bars and hanging presentations.

Individual or group options for smaller pieces

For small items like earrings, rings and charms, consider organizing a larger number of pieces at once on a divided velvet pad. To highlight unique or elongated post earrings, select a standing display in charcoal or black velvet, and for hanging earrings, look for a metal or acrylic accent which allows the jewelry to dangle gracefully. Rings may be shown on lifelike models or on contemporary posts in a variety of textures.

A myriad of options

Jewelry can be presented as casually or formally as you choose, depending on the shape and material of your display. Decide what features best match the outlay and theme of your shop, and look for exhibition fixtures that include additional embellishments or are offered in eye-catching tones. While some store owners feel comfortable showing jewelry on open counter spaces or racks, others may prefer the additional security of a glass case or closed shelving unit, both of which allow shoppers to browse and try on select pieces with assistance from a store associate.

Jewelry store owners may want to invest in items that help customers safely bring their new purchases home. Consider jewelry pouches or other protective cases and padded gift boxes for transportation that is as stylish as it is secure.

The Can’t-Miss Lots at Sotheby’s Next Jewelry Sale, From Massive Colored Diamonds to Egyptian Revival Pieces

The Can’t-Miss Lots at Sotheby’s Next Jewelry Sale, From Massive Colored Diamonds to Egyptian Revival Pieces

If you’re keen on some high-level holiday shopping this season, Sotheby’s December 7 Magnificent Jewels auction in New York is a good place to start.

The top lot is the Golden Canary Diamond (you know a diamond is important when it has a name), expected to hammer for up to $20 million. On a more arcane note, the sale includes several pieces that represent outstanding examples of Egyptian Revival Art Deco jewelry, many including scarabs (beetle bug shells). And if mythical provenance is your thing, you’ll love the 5-carat emerald ring retrieved from the wreck of a 17th-century Spanish galleon that was lost at sea for four centuries (est. $50,000 to $70,000). 


How to make delicate jewelry stand out


How to make delicate jewelry stand out

All the tiny, carefully crafted pieces of jewelry in your store deserves the spotlight in their own right, but with so many choices it can sometimes be hard to make them all stand out. The important thing to remember to avoid is clustering all of your products together too closely. This can blur the beauty to a point where people will become exhausted from looking through it all and walk away.

If you have a lot of inventory and you need it all out at the same time, jewelry trays offer a clean way to showcase everything in an orderly fashion with designated locations for individual pieces.

Rise up

An easy way to catch someone’s eye is to meet them there. When you build your store displays in a vertical fashion, it’s an easy way to grab attention. Like rising skyscrapers, people’s natural wonder draws them to what towers up from the ground and defies the gravity of the world.

Acrylic displays are ideal for ensuring everything it’s holding gets seen. Their clear and sturdy material allows your stock to be seen from all angles, and some of the display fixtures are capable of revolving for a 360-degree view. All the colors and designs of your jewelry will be shown with little obstruction from these cases or racks.

Single them out

Any particular item that you believe deserves to be separated from the rest has a number of ways to differentiate it, some more subtle than others. If you want to humbly emphasize certain pieces, an easy and cost-effective method would be to put some of the earrings and necklaces on heavy paper cards with various designs and colors. This will set them apart compared to any of the other nearby selection while not going overboard.

If you do want to go above and beyond, that’s exactly what you should do. Singular jewelry displays are made for only holding one piece at a time. It can be a wooden hand or finger with a single, sparkling ring on it, a solemn necklace display or even a lone watch on a stand. They will highlight that item by lifting it away from the others in a unique design. The effectiveness of these only really work when there are not too many of them, so use them sparingly.

All it takes is a passing glance at a singular piece of jewelry apart from all the rest to cause a double-take. When some of your products are displayed above the others, that’s exactly how your customers will treat them.

Unique jewelry displays using various trays


Unique jewelry displays using various trays
You may be looking around your store and wondering if there is any way to freshen up the display tables that host a whole array of jewelry styles. Perhaps you’ve tried organizing the merchandise by color, designer and type – and now you’re out of ideas. One solution for this dilemma is the addition of trays to create a new dynamic for your setup.

You can keep the same organizational system and product division that you currently have while using trays of various materials and sizes to add new visual appeal that will liven up the display. With a few small do-it-yourself projects, the overall aesthetic will receive a makeover and boost in attractiveness.

Vertical visuals
For this concept, you should buy a few black plastic trays or leatherette trays. Instead of laying them flat as expected, the trays can be set up on top of display tables and leaned against the wall. One of the easiest items to display using this idea would be necklaces. To bring the concept to fruition, attach small hooks to the backs of the trays. If that doesn’t seem feasible, you can probably just use gentle scotch tape on the back. Arrange and secure the necklaces in the back and then drape them over the top of the tray, so they hang neatly in front. One way to make the design more interesting is by setting the necklaces up so they appear to be different heights. While you can keep the trays simple with just a few necklaces, it may look nice to hang a whole host of items for an eclectic look.

You might also use display trays for an earring arrangement. To start this project, you’ll need a bit of chain that has links big enough to slip earring backs through. Using wire cutters, separate the chain into pieces that reach across the tray. Secure the lengths of chain behind your trays, leaving a little slack. Whether you just hang one chain per tray or line up a handful going down the display, you now have the perfect display fixture for dangling earrings.

The layered look
When your original display ideas are looking flat, it may be time to give them a lift, literally. Stop by your local hardware store for a ladder or step stool that either fits the store aesthetic or can be painted to get the right look. With the steps placed in a corner of your store where they won’t be bumped into, set a wooden tray of jewelry on each level.

To assemble a hanging display, along the lines of a mobile, you need more chain and at least two trays. A mirrored tray might work best for this DIY project. Attach a length of chain to each corner of one tray, leaving enough space to arrange jewelry on the various levels. Fasten the chain to another tray and continue until you achieve the number you want. On the top layer, bring all four chains together and attach a hook to hang the mobile in your store.

Additional articles
Another unique design simply dresses up the trays themselves with the inclusion of interesting objects. For example, you can buy a few muffin pans and spray paint them to make them beautiful. With the muffin pan secured on the tray, fill each of the cups with little rings.

You can also find tiny bonsai-type trees or even a few small branches, to hang jewelry from. Place a few on each tray, perhaps a varied arrangement, and dangle earrings, bracelets and more from the plants and branches.

Rake in sales with refreshed fall jewelry display


Rake in sales with refreshed fall jewelry display

The fashion world works at least one season ahead of the real world, so fall accessory trends were actually previewed in the spring. However, you still have ample opportunity to showcase the styles that were deemed popular for autumn 2014.

Even if you’ve had the same set of merchandise on the floor for several weeks, there’s still time to sell that inventory this season. To inspire new sales, rearrange the jewelry you have on your display tables. With a bit of inspired design, you can attract new attention to your fall forward accessory displays.

A handful of overall trends were identified by JCK magazine. Although many designers chose statement jewelry for their models, smaller and simpler designs are becoming more popular with consumers. Consider the sleek and more versatile styles that customers might be looking for.

There’s an increased interest in handcrafted jewelry, as well as mixed materials. The look was evident on the runways with pieces such as a necklace made from leather with a metal statement pendant. It’s also popular for people to buy jewelry involving animals or animal print, a nod to the overall trend toward going green and loving the Earth.

The fall fashion runways were full of striking neckpieces, from Chanel’s padlock necklace to the bandana necklaces in Isabel Marant’s seasonal fashion show. According to JCK magazine, some designers styled their models with statement necklaces on top of turtlenecks. Whatever your necklace selection contains, bodice jewelry trees are a classy way to organize it. They’re more interesting and appealing than plain jewelry displays, making them perfect for a unique presentation design.

Bracelet and watch display tables should cater to both men and women. GQ magazine explained that cuff bracelets are popular for men’s fall fashion, such as those debuted by George Frost and Saint Laurent. It’s common for men to continue wearing watches even though most people are checking the time on their smartphones. Because watches are now less necessary for function, form has become more important, the source stated. Watches with large faces and interchangeable bands are quite popular, making the timepiece more of an accessory.

Your selection of watches will be visible to every browsing customer if you display them on assorted bracelet bars. These allow you to showcase sets of four on one fixture, which can then be placed in a visual design setup.

Several models were dressed with large earrings in the seasonal fashion shows. Designers such as Armani went with bold styles while Saint Laurent showcased sleeker looks. The former touted black earrings that were adorned by a crystal, bringing them to nearly shoulder length. Saint Laurent, in comparison, stuck with smooth gold geometric shapes, such as the triangles that graced his model’s ears earlier this year.

Statement earrings were all over the runways, from massive chandelier dangles in Paris to the large and thick hoops that models rocked at the Balmain fall and winter show. Veronique Leroy displayed interesting charm earrings, which looked a bit like large safety pins adorned with metallic hearts.

To present styles such as these and more, use plenty of burlap earring trees and stands. You can also incorporate metal earring displays that allow you to exhibit multiple pairs on one fixture.

Jewelry trends and how to display them


Jewelry trends and how to display them

Summer is just around that corner and that means shoppers are on the hunt for accessories that will make them stand out at the beach, the park or a crowded city street. Here are four jewelry trends featured on the catwalk:

1. Statement earrings

Earrings don't have to be subtle. Though these accessories can elevate an established look to another level, they can also make a statement on their own. In fact, Glamour magazine reported that large, statement earrings from multiple designers were spotted at this year's fashion shows.

Unlike studs or hoops, statement earrings tend to be long – sometimes extending multiple inches from the wearer's earlobes. To display these pieces, consider using a T-Bar jewelry display that will allow the earrings to hang to their full potential. Remember, these pieces are designed to stand out, so be sure to position them so that they capture the attention of passersby.

2. Seashell accessories
With the weather warming up across the country, people are beginning to plan trips to the beach for some fun the sun. According to Refinery29, fashionable shoppers are getting interested in faux-vintage accessories that combine jewels, precious metals and natural seashells. These pieces complement light-colored swimwear.

If your shop sells beachwear as well as jewelry, consider displaying seashell-accented pieces together. For instance, our burlap jewelry displays pair well with our distressed wood clothing hangers. If you're offering gold-and-seashell pieces, consider matching them with blue, yellow and cream-colored outfits.

3. Layered bracelets
According to InStyle magazine, layered metallic bracelets are in this year. In the streetwear scene, warm weather means t-shirts are back in a big way, and these tops offer more room to accessorize the wrists. Consider offering lightweight gold and silver bracelets that shoppers can mix and match for multiple looks.

Our industrial piping bracelet displays are perfect for highlighting a single piece or exhibiting how several bracelets can work together. Doing so allows your sales representatives to show shoppers how multiple bracelets can layer to create a cohesive aesthetic.

4. Water drop earrings
Not all jewelry accessories need to be made of metal. In fact, Glowsly reported that PVC was actually a common material at this year's Paris Fashion Week. Specifically, several designers showed off beautiful water drop earrings made from expertly blown PVC. The transparency of these large bauble-style earrings means they can fit well with a variety of styles.

Know your retail: The latest jewelry trends and how to sell them

Know your retail: The latest jewelry trends and how to sell them
Boutique jewelry stores are in a position that differs slightly from other retailers. Unlike clothing stores, where seasonal fashions come and go like clockwork and can therefore be prepared for in advance, jewelry trends are somewhat more subtle. Some jewelry styles do come and go with the changing seasons, but others aren’t defined by the temperature outdoors. Jewelry trends are often at the whims of the fashion world at large and can be affected at a moment’s notice.

Take, for example, the biggest celebrity event of the spring: The Academy Awards. This show, or more accurately, the red carpet walk on the way into the show, can single-handedly change fashion trends in an instant. People watch the event religiously, looking for styles to emulate. Fashion magazines spend the next month analyzing and discussing the dresses and jewelry on display. And from there, it is only a matter of time before new items start popping up in boutique stores across the country. Following such a fickle tide can be hard work, so how can a boutique owner stay on top of it all?

Your first step is to stay tuned here, where we’ll go over the latest and upcoming trends and discuss how best to market, display and sell them.

Celebrity chic
The first thing you should do when thinking about new ways to display and market your jewelry is focus on the trendsetters. Movie stars, musicians and even athletes are the people to pay attention to. Check out the fashion magazines to see what celebrities are wearing, then work that into your advertising campaign. The celebrity influence will get your shoppers’ attention, and then you can transition into your regular sales pitch. When you invoke the idea of the rich and famous, your displays should keep in line with that theme. Check out our chic linen jewelry displays for an easy way to make your products stand out and shine. And while you’re talking with a customer, remember to treat them like a star.

Gold layers
JCK magazine reported that gold layers are going to be a huge jewelry trend in 2016. That means necklaces that leave behind the chunky look and focus instead on intertwining thin strands of gold to create layers of delicate beauty. Some popular necklaces are beaded with colored gemstones, while others are simpler and end in a small pendent. Other pieces feature bold turquoise or aqua blue stones. Diamonds are still in, but are trending toward more discreet displays. One necklace that JCK touted featured a thin gold-petaled flower with a small diamond bud in the center. Gold pieces display very well on our black velvet forms.

When selling gold pieces, focus on the blending of a classic look with modern design. Often, people are buying these items to last a long time, even intending to hand them down to their children. Put the focus on the lasting value of a gold and diamond chain and the                                                                                 sentiment and pride that come with owning such pieces.

Big earrings
This year, forget about the studs. Big, long earrings are making a comeback, and not just for formal occasions. Refinery29 reported that dangling earrings are going to be a big trend over the summer months. If you’re selling earrings to a woman with short or braided hair, don’t hesitate to steer them toward oversized pieces. Gold, silver, gems and polished stones are all part of the trend, and they display well with our new kraft jewelry cards. The cards come in a number of prints, colors and styles, so you can match them to the jewelry or to your boutique’s theme.

Big necklaces

With big earrings come big necklaces. According to Harper’s Bazaar, chokers are making comeback. But don’t think gothic black or studded punk rocker chokers, think ancient Egypt and Queen Nefertiti. The source reported that gold chokers were spotted with some regularity at the spring preview fashion shows in Europe. Unlike the thin layered gold mentioned above, these pieces are definitely for formal occasions. Paired with a pair of low-hanging earrings, these pieces of jewelry are for women who want to make a fashion statement. Keep that in mind when selling these trends. You’re not just selling jewelry, you’re selling confidence.

“Fashion and technology should integrate seamlessly.”

Tech trends
Although you might be selling pieces that look at home among the ancient pyramids, you can’t forget about the latest tech trends. More of our tech is becoming wearable, whether that’s in the form of a Fitbit, smartwatch or high-tech glasses. And that means jewelry has got to match. More and more women are looking for jewelry pieces that present a professional, forward-thinking take on life. When selling jewelry, take the time to ask your customer questions about their lifestyle and how they want to be perceived in the world. Who do they take inspiration from? What are they looking to inspire in others?

Technology plays an important role in self-perception nowadays and the fashion world is acknowledging that both by creating retro-chic looks and neo-futurist designs. Does your customer want to buck the trends or lead them? Try to get a sense of who they are as you guide them through the shopping experience. Don’t try to force a look on them, but rather assist them in finding out which pieces work for them. At its best, fashion should be able to seamlessly integrate with technology.

Staying on top of trends is difficult – sometimes it can feel like trying to predict the stock market. But with a little research and some good marketing methods, your boutique will be able to stand out from the rest and sell to shoppers who are looking to define their style. Keep watching this blog for more information about how to make the most of your store displays and remember, we’re always here to serve you.

Spring jewelry trends to display this month

Spring jewelry trends to display this month
Every outfit deserves to be jazzed up with a few well-chosen accessories. Whether you add a jaunty hat to your look or flaunt some statement earrings with a simple sun dress, these details allow you to take your style to the next level.

As your store fills with shoppers hungry for trendy spring fashion, make sure your Iron Lace Jewelry Displays are stocked with jewelry styles that are big this year

Colors to consider

When professionals in a bevy of industries – including architecture, graphic design, interior decorating and fashion design – need to select colors for projects, they look to Pantone’s expertise. A subsidiary of X-Rite, a company that deals with color-related technology, Pantone is considered the authority on color. According to the website, it began with the mission of making a more accurate system of colors for graphic designers but has since expanding into other creative fields.

Pastel hues tend to lead the way in terms of color schemes during spring months. Pantone isn’t straying too far from tradition, but the shades it selected are more dynamic than many pastel colors. There are four shades of blue that resemble periwinkle, muted royal blue, turquoise and baby blue. Pale yellow, green, pink, orange purple shades bring some of those classic pastels in, but bolder than you’d think of for Easter decorations.

Armed with this knowledge, be sure to stock store displays with accessories in these popular colors. Because this palette affects the entire fashion industry, shoppers will be looking for jewelry to

Looks for the ladies

Between fashion shows and jewelry conferences, you can get an idea of trends your shoppers will be searching for this spring. JCK Magazine reported on the American Gem Trade Association’s GemFair in Arizona, which took place in the beginning of February.

Colored gemstones were all the rage at the GemFair.

A few of the prevalent styles during last fall’s fashion week runway shows included statement earrings and unbalanced pairings. Whether models were wearing two completely different styles of earrings that were designed as a set, or adorning one ear while leaving the other bare, it’s all about adding a playful spin to accessorizing.

Meanwhile, several trends were apparent at the AGTA GemFair as sellers, buyers and collectors peruse the booths. When it comes to sourcing gemstones, rubies from Mozambique and opals from Ethiopia were popular. Colored gemstones were all the rage at the GemFair, as they’ve been at major award shows this year. Emeralds, pink sapphires and rubies sourced from Greenland had their own display. There’s also been demand for peach or orange sapphires, as well as purple gems.

This trend toward bright stones was spotted at the 2015 Golden Globes. Actress Lupita Nyong’o of “12 Years A Slave” donned a pair of dangle earrings with amethyst and peridot gems, while Emily Blunt wore bright blue statement earrings with her pristine white gown.